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Muntagahat Oasis

It locates in the south of Al- Khuber City Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, opposite of the coast of Nesf AlQammar (half moon coast ) , in the south of Prince Mohammed Bin Fahad Recreation City and in the north of Gulf Quraiya .

Total distance of the Oassis is 20 million square meter and the nature of the ground is level and non rocky This project is coastal village which consists of beach cabins designed with the most modern designing as per international resorts .

We considerd the privacy as per our traditional and customs.

The establishment stage of aharing was opened and there are many shares who com to participate which lead to complete and close the sharing within limited period.

This progress due to many reasons

  1. It locates in Easter Area whereas the active movement and attractive torism .

  2. The easiness of linking the sites with central roads of the main cities in the Eastern Area.

  3. The low price of the meter of the project which lead to quick development.

  4. International companies will design and carry out the project which has long experience in this filed. The supervision company of the project will give details in the nearest time.