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ŤAl-Areifiť concluded a contract worth 500 million

Sheikh / Saud Khalid Alareifi Engineer / Hatem Tamimi
Arifi real estate entered into a contract recently with the Office of al-Tamimi, an engineering consulting engineering valued in excess of more than 500 million riyals.

Khaled al-Saud Al Arifi Chairman of the Board of Directors of Real Estate Arifi told that the company has achieved success in real estate projects during her career in this field to adjust to God, bypassing all the obstacles, making it insists on the need to overcome the difficulties experienced on the project, called the resort oasis on the shore of a half moon area East of the participants to confirm their intention and determination that they will fulfill their promises to them, to move forward to achieve its goal, God willing, for the good for the participants, in spite of the critical economic situation facing the world, which affected everyone in one way or another, to announce the holding of the Convention on 1 Muharram 1430 e more than the amount of five million riyals, a six-months with the Office of Tamimi Consulting Engineering Eastern Region, to plan the territory of the oasis as a second resort, in small pieces to Ptdzitha different areas, where Almtoukaa to achieve the completion of this stage of lifting the value of the land to the amount may exceed ( 500) million, and will be co-ownership of the site if they wish, as well as to facilitate those who wish to invest in the area of procurement after the adoption of the project plans of the secretariat of the eastern region, and set a date auction to sell the land.

This story through the Al-Riyadh daily